Application Of Hair Extensions – News

Applying hair extensions are simple if you follow the steps carefully and properly. At first clipping the hair piece on your hair may feel difficult for you. But with some practice, you can quickly master the art of putting on your favorite styling tools within seconds without depending on a second person.

The popularity of hair extensions are highly increasing today as they helps in transforming ones appearance and hairstyle instantly whenever we need. Women often panic in dressing their hair beautifully when called for an urgent party. They help the girls who are not born with attractive and gorgeous locks that can be dressed easily. Those with frizzy and damaged hair may even keep away from such get-togethers fearing the embarrassment that they will have to face there. But, by applying your stylers properly to fit on your scalp, you can get rid of any worrying for such parties and get-togethers. High quality extensions when worn properly can never be detected as artificial ones. If you are looking for simple tips for applying these products, then you are at the right place.

Even though there are different ways of applying these products on your head, applying it with glue is one of the popular method used. Using glues for putting on the extensions can remains for several days as such. You can thus try out different hairstyles once it has been perfectly fitted on your scalp. For this method, you will need things such as the glue together with the wefted hair piece, hair clips, hair dryer and flat iron. Before putting on the hair extension, you should first straighten your natural hair so that it makes it easy to apply the hair piece with the glue. After clipping, comb a diagonal section at the back of your hair downward such that little amount of hair is left behind. Apply the glue on the wefted area of the extension and then press in to the scalp on the top of its diagonal section. You should apply cool air of the hair dryer to the glued hair for some time release the hair. You can style your hair as desired.

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