Anyone Can Be An Artist

If you have a very creative brain, you might find yourself with this problem. A lot of people want to surround themselves with art supplies and foam board and sit at a table but then realize that they do not know what to do next. Creativity is a gift, but some people do not feel as if they have the gift to use that creativity. Lacking the natural ability to draw or paint keeps them from putting their creativity down on paper. However, just because you are not born with a talent does not mean you cannot attain it. Art and creativity goes a lot further than being able to paint or draw in fact, not being able to do these things often results in much more interesting and dynamic art.

For instance, making a collage is more than just cutting out magazine pieces or putting pictures together. Collages can be fine art pieces. Using just colored pieces, or magazine bits, or newspaper, you can create an image without having to draw at all. A collage is sort of like a puzzle, they are time-consuming and you have to find where each little piece fits; but in the end the picture is great. These are great ways to create dynamic and emotional pieces as well. You would be surprised by the amount of talent in collage pieces.

Also the art of photography is something that is great for people with creative minds. Yes, there are those with a natural apt for photography, but if you are creative you could probably learn just the same. The trick with photography is to master the basics and the rules, and then learn how to bend or break them. It sounds silly, but it makes for the best pieces. Photography can be learned through a class or on your own, it is one of the most accessible are forms for people who want to pursue it. The type of camera you use in photography is also vital. Do not try to be a serious photographer with a basic digital camera. You will need either a film camera, an SLR or a DSLR which camera you use, you can use all! It will also alter what you need to learn and what style of pictures you take. Film is a tough media to learn in this technological day and age, but it is also beautiful so if you have the resources, try this medium out.

Lastly, do not think just because you do not draw or paint well now means you cannot learn. Through art classes or trial and error, everyone can find some sort of style of drawing that works for them. Not everyone can do perfect portraiture or detailed pencil sketches, but anyone can learn to draw is some way or another. The most important thing to remember when trying to create something is that there is no wrong way to do art. Just because your art teacher or best friend does it differently does not make it bad or wrong.

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