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So That’s Why Kelly Osbourne Is Smiling So Much At The Moment…
We’d put Kelly Osbourne’s happy, bouncy demeanour of late down to her recent transformation but it seems as though that’s not the only reason why Kelly Osbourne is grinning at the mo.

According to reports the reality star is dating Chace Crawford. Apparently Kelly – who we spotted at a catwalk show in NY yesterday with Kanye West – has only been on a few dates with the hunky actor thus far but it’s all looking very promising. Her friend said:

‘Kelly and Chace have been on a couple of dates and are trying desperately to keep things on the downlow.

‘Kelly is wary, she had zero confidence before she met Luke and look how that turned out.

‘She wants to keep their romance out of the spotlight until she’s sure it’s the real thing. She’s had a tough time of it since splitting from Luke three months ago.

‘But she’s looking great and is finally starting to feel that way too.’

Oh we’re not surprised, we’re sure plenty of women would be smiling like Kelly if they managed to bag Chace Crawford…

Victoria Beckham Is Ecstatic About Something, Can’t You Tell?
You know, for someone who uses so many exclamation marks in their Tweets, it’s surprising that Victoria Beckham manages to look this glum the entire time.

We always thought that only bubbly, smiley people used loads of exclamation marks but maybe we were wrong because despite her excitable Tweets yesterday Victoria Beckham had the same glum expression on her chops she always has while she was leaving NY.

And that’s surprising really as the former Spice Girl has some real cause for celebration at the moment after her new handbag collection featured in the latest edition of American Vogue.

For years Anna Wintour has snubbed Posh in the pages of Vogue however she recently decided to feature the designer’s work in the iconic fashion mag after Vicky apparently courted her. On Twitter the spouse of David Beckham excitedly babbled:

“exciting,Oct American Vogue writes about my new handbag collection!On newstands now!!Thank u”

She’s smiling inside she really is.

Joe McElderry, La Roux and Tina O’Brien Launch The Sun’s New Buzz Magazine…
We have a confession to make – we’ve got a bit of a sore head this morning because we were at this very party last night which was thrown in celebration of The Sun’s new magazine Buzz which is launching this week.

Yes that’s right we were a mere few inches away from Joe McElderry and we even accidentally bumped into Shane Ward- he didn’t look very happy with us about.

But we’re certainly not sad about having a sore head today because we had a lot of fun last night and we especially liked seeing Louie Spence fanny about for the cameras that made us giggle quite a lot.

P.s We know everyone says this when they meet a celebrity in real life, but isn’t Shane Ward tiny?

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